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January/February 2024
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A B O U T    U S
Anita Oubre: 
A Cultural Ambassador
 for New Orleans
Le Petit Theatre
is a
"Special Place For Artistic Director"
A.J. Allegra

By David Schmit
By Dean M. Shapiro
Frederick Griffith
Anew Fitness
 Helping Seniors with Beneficial Exercise​
By Breakthru Media Staff Report
Le Petit Theatre holds “a special place” in A.J. Allegra’s heart. While working on a show there several years ago he met costume designer Kaci Thomassie. In 2020, they married. Three years later the theatre became his employer.  As A.J. recalled in a recent interview, “I was presenting a show there for the Willow School where I was teaching at the time and Kaci and I worked together on it. That’s where it all started for us.”
New Orleans is known worldwide as a city whose people and visitors love to party and have fun. Dozens of festivals, parades and other festive events that happen frequently here are proof of that, and this is where Anita Matamoros Oubre is in her element. A hospitality industry employee by profession, Anita is an entertainer by choice, consistent with her bubbly, outgoing, perpetually cheerful personality. 
Frederick Griffith was living in Houston in 2017 when his mother asked him to return to his hometown of New Orleans. So Griffith resigned from his restaurant manager position, pulled up stakes, and returned home. His mother had always been there for him, raising four children as a single mom, and, as Griffith puts it, “I never
wanted for anything.”Little did he know then that his mom, Anna Hampton, was giving him yet another gift, one that put him on his
life’s journey.