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May/June 2022
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A B O U T    U S
“Training Kids from the Neck Up”
Dr. Calvin Mackie Makes
STEM NOLA his “Communiversity”
A solid home upbringing and a strong emphasis on book learning and hands-on skills acquisition helped Calvin Mackie develop into the prominent, multidimensional influencer he is today. A gifted motivational speaker, educator, inventor, entrepreneur, Presidential Award-winning mentor, podcast host and critically acclaimed author of two books, his accomplishments would fill an encyclopedia and his awards would fill a room.
“Healthy Meals FROM the Heart
that are Good FOR the Heart”
Brittney Tanaka Brown’s recipe for her 
food and juice service
As a child growing up in the Eastover community of New Orleans East, Brittney Tanaka Brown was a self proclaimed tomboy who loved to roller skate and ride her bike. But she also loved to play games where she was a chef presiding over her own restaurant. So it comes as no surprise that the child whose prized possession was her easy-bake oven is now running her own home-based business, NeauxLa Meals & Juices.
For some artists music comes naturally. These artists are people who have not had any formal training, but have a passion for music and/or another talent that cannot be taught. Paul Boudreaux is one of those people, a self-taught bass player, singer, songwriter, producer, bandleader and visual artist. As a child growing up in uptown New Orleans, Paul was exposed to music at an early age...
By Dean M. Shapiro
By Anita Oubre
David Skinner talks management 
and Broadway show selection process
for the Saenger Theatre
Thousands of New Orleanians annually pack the seats of the opulent, historic Saenger Theatre on Canal Street for a wide variety of performances ranging from dance revues, rock concerts, standup comedy, and especially touring musicals that were box office successes on Broadway. But, while enjoying the performances, theatergoers rarely think about the process and logistics of what goes into staging these productions and how decisions are made as to which shows will be staged.
By Dean M. Shapiro
Enjoying A Stellar Career:
Paul Boudreaux reflects on his
music & art
By Anita Oubre