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July/August 2022
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A B O U T    U S
Jarrell Hamilton 
shares her many talents with the community
Before there was jazz and other genres of music New Orleans is widely known for, there was classical music and opera. But it wasn’t just the works of famous European composers that were being performed here in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Bubbling alongside the city’s thriving, Old World-influenced cultural scene were the compositions of some of New Orleans’ most gifted Creole composers and other composers of color. 
When Jarrell Hamilton first saw the expression “creative altruism” and the name of the originator of that expression, she enthusiastically adopted it as her personal mantra.
“It really resonated with me when I read an article about Dr. Martin Luther King and what he meant by it,” Jarrell explained. “The way he described it, ‘creative altruism’ means using your craft or your artistry to benefit the social well-being of others and that’s what I do.”
On any given day when you make your way around the New Orleans community you will undoubtedly see some people who seem to be everywhere you look: busy people who are involved in multiple projects and activities that benefit large numbers of their fellow New Orleanians.Phyllis Boudreaux is one of those busy people. Founder of the former Touching Lives Ministry and FaithPhyll Ministries (now renamed Anointed Road to Christ), author of a widely read book on the keys to a happy marriage, community activist, publicist, consultant and wife of a renowned musician (bassist Paul Boudreaux).
By Dean M. Shapiro
By Anita Oubre
Championing The Arts:
Kathleen McKinney-Franks leads the way at local Alpha Kappa Alpha chapter
To be involved with the arts, one does not necessarily have to be an artist themselves. They don’t have to sing, dance, play an instrument, paint or be adept in some other art form. Instead they can be an arts supporter or, to use a more descriptive term, an “arts aficionado.
“That would be excellent terminology to describe me,” said New Orleans native and arts activist Kathleen McKinney-Franks.As a member of the 114-year-old, predominantly African American, Alpha Kappa Alpha (AKA) Sorority, Inc. and past president/charter member of the local Omicron Lambda Omega (OLQ) chapter.
By Dean M. Shapiro
Phyllis Boudreaux Turned
Her Purpose Into Her Passion
By Dean M. Shapiro
Givonna Joseph on a mission
 to revive old classical music by New Orleans people of color