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November/December 2023
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A B O U T    U S
The Musical Journey of 
“Genius Grant” 
Recipient Courtney Bryan​

TELLing IT LIKE IT IS. . . and WAS!
Aaron Neville 
“tells” all in a new book​

By Anita Oubre
By Dean M. Shapiro
Gralen Bryant Banks 
Takes “The Front Porch” 
to the Airwaves​

By Dean M. Shapiro
In the year 2000, Aaron Neville was co-featured in a book titled “The Brothers Neville,” in which each of the four of them told their stories in short, individual snippets. When Aaron was interviewed for a JazzFest cover story in 2019, the interviewer asked him some questions related to incidents Aaron recounted there and he replied, “I didn’t tell everything in that book so I need to write another one.”  Now he HAS!
When Courtney Bryan, a New Orleans-born and raised classical music composer, was notified in September that she was being awarded a prestigious MacArthur Fellowship grant, no one could have been more surprised than her. “I didn’t even know I was being nominated for this,” she said in a recent interview with Breakthru Media magazine Courtney was one of only 20 of the most recent grantees nationwide and one of two from New Orleans.
Gralen Bryant Banks is a New Orleans born and-raised actor and radio personality with such an intense love and respect for the city he grew up in that he celebrates it daily. He hosts “The Front Porch,” a radio show on the city’s only Black-owned radio station WBOK. Gralen refers to New Orleans in the feminine. “I am her son, and I am paying homage to her. Even though she has all of these scars and blemishes, she is beautiful 
and deserves to be showcased and celebrated,” said Gralen.